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One month after Spiderman Homecoming.


Everyone knows about the Spiderman now. He has saved a falling elevator in Washington a month ago. Stopped a boat from splitting in half (With Ironman's help.) He's a internet sensation!


Unknown to Spiderman, or anyone else, teenagers all over New York have watched his feats, and thought to themselves: I can do that too.


These teens have began to gather themselves together, creating a group called the Spiderlings. You're one of these teens, and now you have to face an up coming threat.


This isn't just stopping car robbers anymore.


This is a group of teen villians, called the Scorplings growing bigger and stronger everyday, and the Spiderlings are the only ones who know about it.



-Please don't be OP

-You may have up to three characters.

-You don't have to do both a Spiderling and a Scorpling

-You can have ships/crushes, but please don't focus to much on them

-No controlling other characters

-Put Homecoming in your RP color in Other


-Form For Spiderlings-


Code/Hero Name:

Age (13-17):



Abilities/Powers (Any extra to add to Spiderman's abilities):


Backstory (Optional):



-Form For Scorplings-


Code/Villian Name:

Age (13-17):



Abilities/Powers (Any extra to add to Spiderman's abilities):


Backstory (Optional):



Here are my characters:

-Form For Spiderlings-

Name: Phoenix Webb

Code/Hero Name: Webbs

Age (13-17): 15

Apperance: Phoenix has fair skin, mid-length, slightly curly hair dyed to look like flames, gray eyes, is fairly tall, thin, and is built like a swimmer
Personality: Phoenix is determined, smart, and kind to most people, unless they get on her nerves. She is always standing up for the underdogs, and always speaks her mind. Which can unfortunately hurt others feelings when she says to much.  

Abilities/Powers (Any extra to add to Spiderman's abilities): Has extremely good eyesight.

Talents: Leading, speaking in front of others, acting

Backstory (Optional): Phoenix is the founder of the Spiderlings, she looks up to Spiderman/the Avengers A LOT. She lives with her parents and younger brother, Cruz, and is always watching for more people who could join the Spiderlings.

Other: Homecoming


-Form For Scorplings-

Name: Cruz Webb

Code/Villian Name: The Catcher

Age (13-17): 14

Apperance: Cruz has fair skin, short and  curly auburn hair, gray eyes. He's tall, and has a muscly build.

Personality: Like his sister, Cruz is determined. He's clever, and reluctant to open up to most people, and has a bit of a temper when they get on his nerves. He tends to fade into the background, gathering information before speaking, if he does at all, unlike his confendient sister.  

Abilities/Powers (Any extra to add to Spiderman's abilities): Extremely good hearing

Talents: Like his sister, he's also good at acting, almost too good for his own good, since he's always bottling up emotions and secrets. He's also great at puzzles and logic problems. 

Backstory (Optional): Cruz joined the founder of the Scorplings, believing that his powers should be used to rule, unlike how his sister believes that they should be used for protecting others. He lives with her parents and older sister, Phoenix.

Other: Homecoming, And to add some drama, neither of my characters knows the other has powers, or is in the opposite group.






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